Perfect Frittata anytime!

Frittata this egg based Italian dish was a happy addition to my list of breakfast, brunch, quick dinner recipes. The other day I was speaking to my BFF who lives across the  world on another continent ( thanks to technology!) and she was in the middle of making breakfast while I was getting ready to call it a day. In between our girl talk she exclaimed for she flipped her frittata wrong …..That’s when I totally saw myself whipping up this delight for our next day weekend breakfast! Now this is crazy but when I start seeing my food in front of me, is when I know this has to happen real soon…. It’s like another kind of nature’s call when the creative juices start flowing and that doesn’t let me procrastinate ( I am the  queen of that land!..) any more!

So the good ol Google presented me with innumerable recipes of Frittata but I stick with experts mostly, therefore chose this wonderful recipe of world famous Chef Gordon Ramsay…and need I say my first frittata was delightfully delicious!!!

The  family loved it and it was a nice wholesome breakfast for the fast growing lill man!

Here is the recipe link

Instead of smoked bacon I used chicken salami and for Goat cheese I just used shredded mozzarella……


Frosted chocolate sandesh…..

I always look forward to “newness”  because that brings with it an anticipation of an unknown change…..could be a good change or a great change! yes according to me change is never bad because it expands your experience which helps you to grow eventually…..This is one of the two reasons why I like the ” new year” time…every year brings in new experiences, new people who may become very important to you, new achievements etc… and the other reason is, for us as a family the first two months of the year are sprinkled with meaningful celebratory days like birthdays  anniversaries etc. The Last couple of days were such happy and eventful ones. There were two birthdays on two consecutive days.

Now I have been thinking of using chocolate in our very own bong sandesh from the time I have had one of these in Kolkata, so on the occasion of my birthday I felt like trying out one of my favorite mishties ( bong sweets). I made the sandesh and then tried out chocolate frosting on some of them! If  you are the kinds ( like I am) who uses chocolate to celebrate a victory or to share joy or to ease the gloom of a bad day, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed by these melt in the mouth frosted beauties !!!

So here goes…

addtext_com frosted sandesh


Ingredients ( for sandesh)

  • 400g of freshly prepared cottage cheese or paneer

  • 1 cup* of confectionary sugar

  • 1/4 cup of  finely  ground blanched almonds.

  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

  • 1/2 cup of  unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 2 tablespoon of condensed milk. I used Milkmaid.

For the frosting I have followed the recipe in the following link…works beautifully!


  1. Mix all the ingredients one after another in a bowl with a ladle.

  2. In a blender blend the mixture pulsing it enough for it to become a smooth paste.

  3. Heat a thick bottomed vessel and pour the mixture.

  4. Keep stirring continuously for about five minutes. At this time the sandesh mixture should be leaving the pot as you fold in. Allow it to cool enough for handling.

I used my mom’s moulds that she gifted me sometime back…but one may make any shape using your bare hands.

       5. For the frosted sandesh make small balls of sandesh and simply dip them in previously prepared chocolate frostings one at a time.

       6. Refrigerate them for thirty mins before you devour them 😀

       * The cup used here is a regular tea cup.

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